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Online TV in the UK

Online TV in the UK

In a deal that will result in personalized online TV channels that can command premium rates from advertisers, online video search firm Blinkx is buying online ad network Burst Media. Online advertising has been the fastest growing segment of the overall ad market in the UK, with online video ads running before and after video clips commanding the highest prices from marketers.

Blinkx said the deal would give it access to Burst's audience of over 130 million unique users and its partnerships with more than 1,000 niche websites. This is important because advertisers are willing to pay much higher sums if the ad is directed at an audience known to be interested in a certain product or subject. The acquisition will allow Blinkx to potentially reach hundreds of millions of users, and also draw more of the TV ad budget online.

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Now, a Digital Television that can Talk!

Now, a Digital Television that can Talk!

In order to assist the blind and vision impaired, a host of Australian companies are developing a talking digital television set up box as a part of the Australian Government's The Digital Switchover Household Assistance Scheme (HAS). Under this scheme, the government aims at distributing these interactive digital TV set top boxes to the eligible pensioners with vision disability. The identified group of pensioners will either be provided free or subsidized access to these digital TV set top boxes along with essential assistance regarding installation and post installation support.

According to a recent research report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 30,000 pensioners with vision disability will be benefited through from these Digital TV Set Top Boxes. Trial run for the talking digital TV is already under way in the Victorian region through prototypes from companies like Hills Techlife, Skybridge & Bush.

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Innovative Changes in Cable TV Pitch

Innovative Changes in Cable TV Pitch

Why pay higher prices for cable TV? Why can't customers make choices for TV channels as per their liking, interests and comfort?

Recently, Comcast has made some changes in their packages. Now, one can choose their preferred channels. This is an interesting point in Cable TV arena.

If we look at the existing cable packages, you will see hundreds of TV channels that you don't watch and always prefer that those channels should not be there. But we still pay for those unwanted channels, and that's the reason why we pay high prices for Cable TV.

Now, it's time to make a revolutionary change in Cable TV. Cable providers prefer to provide on-demand A-la-Carte packages.

Cable TV service providers will find it easier to generate bills too.

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